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As a certified Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA), Kathy works with multigenerational family businesses in a variety of contexts.  She may be engaged to facilitate a strategic planning process, set up an advisory board or council, recruit non-family executives, create succession plans and leadership development plans for the next generation, or as confidante, sounding board and executive coach. At any touchpoint, Kathy honours the delicate ecosystem of the family, ownership and business circles and works to create long term value through an ongoing, trusted advisory relationship.

Services Offered:

  • ​Set up, recruitment and facilitation of Advisory Boards

  • Strategic planning facilitation

  • Succession planning to transition to the next generation of leadership

  • Leadership development and coaching for emerging leaders

  • Assessments and recommendations in line with best practices for successful generational transitions

  • Recruitment of key executives who understand and work capably in a family business context

  • Compensation analysis & recommendations ​​

  • Executive coaching for CEOs

  • Organizational plans and role clarification

Client references available on request.  Contact us for more information.

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