Kathy McLaughlin


One woman’s inspiring triumph over a series of terminal diagnoses

Kathy McLaughlin was a senior corporate executive when she learned she had Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She survived, only to learn years later that her cancer had returned — but this time, it was accompanied by a terminal autoimmune liver disease. Neither disease was treatable because of the presence of the other. Told by her doctors “there is nothing we can do,” she refused to give up. Instead, she took charge of her own healing project, applying the leadership skills she had perfected in her corporate career to the business of self-preservation. Enduring all manner of indignities through a comedy of medical errors, she miraculously survives near-fatal chemotherapy, life-threatening surgery, liver failure and ultimately, two grueling liver transplants. For a book preview, click here.

“We can all learn from survivors because they share traits which make them survivors. By following their example we can be coached through tough times. Kathy’s attitude, experience and wisdom, learned with difficulty from the various health threats to her life, can be a teacher for all of us.”

author of Love, Medicine & Miracles




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